Zirconia Crown
Zirconia Crown
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Zirconia Crown in Turkey

High quality, affordable zirconia crowns in Turkey are created using the latest smile design and cadcam technology. Zirconia crowns are an industry-standard way of restoring and enhancing teeth that are partially or fully damaged. Crowing can also be used in place of missing teeth. If you have been in an accident or have damaged your teeth in any way, dental crowning is usually your go-to solution.

The major purpose of a crown is to save your original tooth if it is in healthy enough condition. It goes without saying that the need for crowning is definitely dependent on the condition of your teeth.


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What is Zirconia Crown

Before any type of zirconia crown turkey is suggested, our dental clinic will have a thorough look at the damage. They will recommend the best type of crown for your dental restoration needs based on the chewing placement and structure of the tooth or implant that requires protection.

There are three types of dental crowns. Each type has its own characteristics and qualities:

1. Zirconium Crowns:

This is one of the most prefered and most recommended types of teeth crowns in recent times. Individuals who want aesthetically appealing artificial teeth for themselves prefer zirconia crowns. Patients often have curiosity regarding the composition or the materials used in the manufacturing of the zirconium crowns.

2. E-MAX Crowns:

Emax is an all-ceramic system that is based on Lithium disilicate glass and consists of quartz, lithium dioxide, phosphorus oxide, alumina, potassium oxide and trace elements.

3. Porcelain Crown:

If the treatment of your choice is a porcelain crown many treatment methods are available:

CEREC® CAD/CAM: In just one office visit, you will have a fully completed porcelain crown. Since your crown is designed and created in our private VIP dental clinic using CEREC®CAD/CAM technology, there’s no need for a temporary crown or a second visit.


    Preparation stage:

    At this stage, the doctor performs some necessary dental examinations in order to ensure the integrity of the teeth on the one hand, and to know the suitability of the veneers for the patient’s teeth on the other hand.

    The stage of making the veneer model:

    At this stage, the doctor removes approximately 0.5 mm of tooth surface enamel (the same size of veneers), in order to be able to coat the teeth with appropriate veneers. After that, the doctor creates a model of veneers that fit the patient’s teeth, and sends them to the laboratory, to have them after a week or two.

    The veneers installation stage:

    In the beginning, the doctor tests the veneers, where he puts them on the patient’s teeth to make sure they fit him in terms of color and size, and then he cleans the teeth and installs the veneers through the use of a custom adhesive, and in order to install them, waves of light are used for that .


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    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is Zirconia Crowning (Zirconium Tooth)?

    It is a white alloy used instead of gray metal, which is the substructure of conventional porcelain bridges and prostheses.

    For what purposes are zirconia crowns used?

    Zirconia crowns are used in the treatment of aesthetic advanced discolorations that cannot be treated with methods such as bleaching; hereditary discoloration, for diastema and rotated or slightly crowded teeth for which orthodontic treatment is not preferred, for the restoration of discolored and eroded teeth with old fillings and teeth with severe loss of substance, as a dental bridge or crowning in the molars, in the incisor implant-supported prostheses, and in smile design.

    What are the aesthetic advantages of zirconium teeth?

    Thanks to its transparency, the natural look of the teeth is achieved. The enamels of healthy teeth are translucent. Metals, which are the substructures of conventional porcelain crowns, cause an opaque look. This causes the teeth to look dull and artificial.  However, this is prevented with zirconia crowning.

    How do the zirconia crowns adjust to the gums?

    Zirconia is a tissue-compatible material. The purplish discoloration of the gums in the neck of the tooth, which is observed after the use of metal-supported prostheses, never occurs. They do not cause gingival recession. If a gingival recession occurs due to incorrect toothbrushing, zirconia crowns will not create an unaesthetic appearance.

    Can it be applied to those who are allergic to metal?

    Compared to conventional metal alloys, zirconium does not cause metal allergy since it does not contain metal.

    Will zirconia crowns cause a bad taste or oral malodor in my mouth?

    They do not cause taste change in the mouth and it is predicted that they will not cause oral malodor.

    Will zirconia crowns cause a change in the color of the teeth in the future?

    Since their surface is smooth and non-porous, they do not cause plaque buildup. Therefore, they are not discolored because of coffee, tea, and cigarette, and therefore, their color is preserved.

    How should I care for my zirconium crowns?

    Zirconium teeth are brushed in the same way as natural teeth. Floss should be used for their care and superfloss should be used for toothless areas. In order to foresee problems and take necessary precautions, the patient should come to biannual appointments.

    For how long can I use the zirconia crowns?

    You can use them for years if you have them checked up regularly. As teeth are living tissue, you may observe changes in their shape over time due to wear and tear. Those changes are not observed in zirconia crowns. However, they may need to be replaced in order to adjust to the changes.

    Does their replacement damage my teeth?

    Because the crowns are clipped, you will not feel any discomfort. Zirconium does not cause tissue loss on your teeth.

    How much substance loss occurs during the procedure?

    Substance loss is much less compared to the porcelain crowns reinforced with metal. Wear of 1 to 1.5 mm occurs on the surface of your teeth.

    Will I feel any pain during the process?

    The trim process is performed under local anesthesia. With the installation of crowns, tingling caused by hot or cold will be prevented.

    Will I have aesthetic problems during the treatment?

    Especially, the temporary crowns installed to your front teeth would be similar to your permanent zirconium crowns in form.  These crowns, which are made of acrylic, are not fracture-resistant; however, their color and shape substantially resemble your natural teeth.

    How long does the treatment with this aesthetic dentistry application take?

    With patients who have healthy gums, the treatment is completed within a week. Upon the request of the patient, it is possible to have several try-in sessions until both the dentist and the patient are pleased with the result.

    Is there an age restriction for this application?

    This treatment can be applied to patients at any age who experienced permanent teeth eruption. However, for the patients who get treatment at ages up to 18 and 20, the crowns need to be regularly replaced as gaps between the teeth will form due to jaw development. Therefore, this treatment is not recommended to patients at those ages.

    How durable is it compared to porcelain and metal crowns?

    Thanks to the developments in the relevant technologies in recent years, zirconium crowns and bridges are as durable as metal-based crowns and bridges.